If you were raised in the good old 80’s and before, you no doubt heard mom, dad, the teachers at school and even the television commercials tell you to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day to stay healthy. While it should be a given that water is something that your body needs to function correctly, we were always too hyped up on the caffeinated sodas and sugary drinks and without a reminder from the responsible folks over us we would probably have died of dehydration or all ended up with diabetes.

Let’s face it… There is only so much water a person can drink without it feeling like a chore. What if you knew that your water had healing and anti-aging capabilities? Would you still view it as a chore? Enter the H2 Series Water Filters/Ionizers by AlkaViva. Recent studies have put hydrogen infused water on the map for health and therapeutic benefits. Molecular Hydrogen (H2) increases your energy by providing your body with Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), for optimum endurance and recovery. Other benefits of H2 Infused water include but are not limited to, reduced muscle fatigue, improved hydration, and H2 Infused water also provides you with incredible antioxidant powers. For more info on the science and benefits of H2, go to http://teamalkaviva.com/alkavivaexperts/benefits-of-hydrogen-water.html .

While it may have been difficult to obtain molecular hydrogen infused water in the past, thanks to the folks at AlkaViva it has never been easier to benefit from the benefits of H2. Not only are you guaranteed a healthy and cheaper option to bottled water, but it is a lifetime guarantee.

Our UltraWater Filtration Technology is the best in the industry, removing unwanted stuff to non detectable levels, for more on this click here

Give yourself a reason to drink water again and contact us today to find out about your options. Looking for a part time or full time income? Interested in becoming an AlkaViva dealer and bringing the magic of water back to your community? Let us know. Good drinking water doesn’t have to be expensive either. AlkaViva offers the most competitive financing options so that everyone has a chance at a healthier and happier life.

Easy Financing

5.9% for the first year, and 13.99% thereafter.

Example – $30 per month for the first year, then $45 per month thereafter.

Pay off your balance in 6 months, and you owe ZERO interest!

To apply or for more info on financing, go to http://teamalkaviva.com/alkavivaexperts/financingnew.html

If you are tired of drinking your tap water or ridiculously expensive bottled water, you can own your own H2 Series machine for as little as $30.00 per month.. Stop consuming water that just keeps you alive and choose water that will improve your health and well-being!

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