Here’s exactly what it really does to your system

Is diet soda harmful to you? Particularly, does it really enable you to lose that excess weight? Straight to the point, a researcher from Purdue states that public health officials need to advise people to steer clear of diet soda the same way they avoid regular, sugarcoated soda. Susan E. Swithers, a professor of psychology as well as a behavioral neuroscientist emphasizes warnings may have to be widened to incorporate restricting consumption of every kind of sweetener, along with zero-calorie sweeteners.

Swithers evaluated some latest research looking to find an answer to the question, “Is diet soda harmful to your health?” She discovered that about 30% of adults in the United States and 15% American kids ingest synthetic sweeteners, like sucralose, aspartame and saccharin.

According to her “There is a great deal of pressure on the public health department to develop solutions to deal with the increase of obesity and prolonged ailments, also there is certainly millions of dollars and business put in danger in the food industry while it produces and advertises these products. Also, beverages are increasingly becoming matters of political concerns since heads of governments and politicians want legislation and taxing which will reduce their supply and also consumption, however, a lot of these processes leave out diet sodas as they are believed to be healthy. With regards to creating policy actions, it’s now more vital than ever to carefully consider scientific assertion and that the general public comprehends what science asserts so as to assist them make the best medical choices.” she concludes.

Synthetic sweeteners tend to confuse the natural ability of the body to regulate calories depending on tasting a sweet food. People are inclined to overindulge even if they take diet soda. And understand this: Individuals that take synthetic sweeteners are twice more prone to have metabolic syndrome as well.

Is Diet Soda Harmful to you?

Beyond that, several types of research have associated the consumption of diet soda drink to several health problems. They include:


Consuming more than 4 cans of diet soda daily is linked to a 30 % greater risk of depression. On the contrary, consuming 4 cups of coffee daily seemed to provide safety benefits, reducing the risk of getting depressed by 10 %. The risk seemed to be higher for those who consumed diet soda instead of regular soda.

Kidney Impairment

Researchers from Harvard have discovered that prolonged drinking of diet-soda drinking results in a 30 % greater decrease in kidney function. Their study evaluated individuals who consistently take diet soda over 2 decades.

Type 2- Diabetes & Metabolic Disorder

A research conducted in 2009 and published in the journal of Diabetes and Care discovered that consuming diet soda every day is associated with a 36% greater danger of metabolic disorder and 67% greater danger of type 2-diabetes, in contrast to those who do not take diet soda.

As a matter of fact, the synthetic sweeteners could interfere with the connection between the gut and brain. This may result in brain trickery that causes “metabolic derangements.” Scientists in Weizmann, an Israeli School of Science, were shocked when they discovered that diet soda really changes gut microorganisms in a manner that enhances the chance of metabolic ailments. When scientists fed rats with non-caloric sweeteners present in diet soda, together with sucralose, saccharin, and aspartame they developed intolerance to glucose.

Coronary heart Disease

Researchers from Columbia University and the University of Miami observed over 2,000 elderly people for a decade and discovered that those taking diet soda every day were more prone to have a heart attack or stroke. They were additionally more prone to die from coronary heart disease. This increased danger remained even though researchers modified for cigarette smoking, physical exercise, weight, sodium consumption, high cholesterol levels along with other factors that may have brought about any difference

Weakened Lungs

Taking both regular soda and diet soda enhances your chances of developing COPD and bronchial asthma disorders. The more soda an individual consumes, the greater the risk. (This is known as a “dose-response interaction.”)

Research carried out in Australia discovered that 13.3 % of the observed participants with bronchial asthma and about 15.6 % of participants suffering from COPD had taken above two cups of diet soda daily.

A Significantly less secure Brain

Aspartame, which is a very common synthetic sweetener in diet sodas appears to weaken the antioxidant protection system of the brain. The findings from an animal research discovered that prolonged level, primarily via the process involving the glutathione-reliant procedure.

Aspartame is furthermore associated with:

Migraines & severe headaches

Depressive disorders


Temporary loss of memory

Multiple sclerosis


Loss of Hearing



Brain cancers


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Birth deficiencies

Alzheimer’s disease




Arthritis (together with rheumatoid)

Chemical sensitivities

Parkinson’s disease

In conclusion:

Is Diet Soda Harmful? Absolutely yes!

Diet soda is not a better replacement for normal sugar-coated soda. soda does not contribute to weight reduction, as opposed to general belief. Diet soda is associated with metabolic impairment, heart problems, and excess weight along with other medical problems.


And in case you really want to take a fizzy drink, Kombucha is a healthier alternative.

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