Starting at boot camp every Marine, Sailor, Soldier and Airman learn the importance of water. We are thrust into places abroad where water can sometimes be all the sustenance you have for a while. We learn that if we look at the color of our urine, we can determine if we are dehydrated or not and hydrate accordingly. Everyone knows that hydration is continuous. With a vast knowledge of the importance of water, why is it that we get out of the service and stop drinking it?
In most homes across America, beer and soda have nearly replaced water altogether. Did we forget the basics? Perhaps it’s time for a hip pocket class:
urine color chart
When is the last time you checked the color honestly? How many times have you looked down and thought, “maybe I need to drink some water”? It’s never too late to revert back to some of your training and get your body the water that it so greatly deserves.
“My tap water is disgusting!”
If you fall into the “undrinkable” water category of people. There are other things that you can do to help yourself and your family out. You could go out and do the typical American thing to do and buy tons of plastic bottles of water that will just end up in the ocean or a landfill somewhere for eternity.
The common sense approach would be to install some sort of water filtration system in your home. What better way to ensure that you and your family are receiving the cleanest and healthiest water possible, from your tap!
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Let’s face it. No matter where your command has sent you, water has been there. No matter what you do on the daily, you need water to do it. Water was sometimes a Marine’s best friend in the sandboxes of Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, we made it home alive and now we are killing water. Our Drill Instructors and Drill Sergeants would be disappointed and more than likely send us to the pit for a little extra exercise to make us appreciate the importance of water again.
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