Ok, so water is essentially hydrogen already (you know, hints the “H” in H20). So just why then would you decide to go out and spend your hard earned money on Hydrogen water?

Isn’t that just hydrogen with a little extra hydrogen pumped in? You could call it that, but the fact is that studies are showing that drinking hydrogen infused water helps with many things from aches and pains to rheumatoid arthritis and even potentially cirrhosis and other diseases.

According to stats on healthline.com, “Out of every 100,000 people, 41 are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis every year”. Currently around 1.3 million Americans suffer from the condition. Studies are being conducted (https://medicalgasresearch.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/2045-9912-2-27) that conclude that H2 effectively reduces the oxidative stress associated with RA and symptoms significantly improved. Some patients were noted to have fully recovered from their RA as well.

Is hydrogen water expensive?

Short answer, it doesn’t have to be. Sure you can find some expensive products online and some knock off products floating around inside of some local hardware stores that will more than break the bank, but with companies like AlkaViva, you can find great deals on home hydrogen machines and tablets without having to purchase a laboratory first.

A little bit down on cash at the moment but still worry about the water you are drinking? Check out: http://teamalkaviva.com/alkavivaexperts/financingnew.html for financing options. Everyone qualifies for healthy water.

For those of you with some extra time on your hands that would possibly like to EARN some cash, the folks over at AlkaViva also offer a dealer program that you should definitely check out: http://teamalkaviva.com/custom/AlkaViva/pdf/Dealer-program.pdf

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